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Maple Professional is the flagship of the tree outline managers for power users. It has a ton of features that make it an ideal document database tool. You can store many kinds of data, from text to graphics and pictures. The program allows you to import all standard text formats such as doc, rtf and wri, and offers many of the features you'll find in a word processor.

The Proversion offers all features of Maple, plus several advanced commands of interest to the professional users. The advanced features of the Professional edition are:

  • Finder. An advanced search utility that makes it easier to search for Maple files. Using Finder, you can specify several search criteria. For example, you can search for files in the specified folder. You can even search for files containing specific nodes, text, or comments.

  • Backup and restore. Now you can easily create a backup copies of your tree. Backup system supports .zip and .cab compression. Backup files can be encrypted afterwards.

  • Built-in file encryption. You are likely to have confidential documents on your computer, which you may want to encrypt. Encryption wizard will help you to protect any information. It uses a very strong Blowfish crypto-algorithm. Protected files cannot be decrypted without the correct password.

  • Integration with Microsoft Word spell checker, grammar checker and thesaurus. If you have Microsoft Word installed in your system, you can use all benefits of it's spelling system. In addition to built-in Maple spell checker, you can perform grammar check or search for synonyms with thesaurus.

  • Node icons. Now you can use your own icons to brighten up your tree or identify key nodes.

  • Web tree. You can export Maple tree outline and all documents to a set of .html files and view these trees in a Web browser, or publish them on a Web sites.

  • HTML help. This feature converts Maple tree to Microsoft® HTML Help file (.chm), the standard help system for the Windows platform.

  • Import folder content. You can import multiple documents into the tree with a one click.

  • Profiles. You can create a number of settings profiles and import them without restarting Maple.

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