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MailBlaster v1.7 Vouchers

Here you will find the best MailBlaster v1.7 vouchers, voucher codes and discounts. You simply won't come across a web site with more MailBlaster v1.7 vouchers. Scroll beneath to evaluate many of our Global Techsoft Solution voucher codes, bargains along with deals. Begin saving your hard earned money by using MailBlaster v1.7 (Bulk/Mass Email software) - License Key Vouchers Without delay! View our Complete MailBlaster v1.7 Overview Below

Feature list of group/mass email software

  • Create unlimited groups.
  • Add unlimited recipient to groups.
  • Copy group to group or selected recipients to another group.
  • Import contacts from text files, cvs files, clipboard, windows address book.
  • Export contacts to text file or cvs file.
  • Keep your list clean by checking bounced emails and removing those emails from groups.
  • Add subscription and unsubscription list from your pop3 server to selected groups.
  • Send text message, html messages and html attachment message.
  • Mail merge in mail subject and mail body.
  • Add unlimited attachments.
  • Direct send using DNS lookup, without using SMTP server.
  • Send through SMTP server using your ISP or with free email services like yahoo, gmail, msn etc.
  • Add unlimited SMTP servers. For each SMTP server add multiple accounts. Automatically send email through alternate servers or accounts if the current SMTP server or account is inaccessible.
  • SSL & authentication support in sending emails.
  • Send individual, partial list and random list of emails.
  • Personal send and bulk send mode. In personal send mode each email is sent to individual recipient. In bulk send mode you set your own Bcc count (mails will be sent faster in this mode).
  • Set wait time between sending mails.
  • Add unsubscription/blocked list from your pop3 server.
  • View send, error, duplicate, ignored, illegal logs(all logs are stored in text files in the logs folder of the group/mass email installation directory).
  • Verify you email list often and keep your recipient list clean
  • View sent detail report in the sent detail page.
  • All data are dynamically stored and retrieved.
  • Download free working version.

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MailBlaster v1.7 (Bulk/Mass Email software) - License Key Voucher Code

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