Magic DVD Ripper Review & Voucher Codes

Magic DVD Ripper Review & Voucher Codes

If you are tired of  DVDs that stop working because of scratches or any other problems you should consider getting the Magic DVD ripper review so that you can back up your DVDs at a fraction of the cost of constantly replacing them or worse, losing data or movies.

You can either copy the original DVDs on blank disks with no loss of quality or put the material on the DVDs on your computer or an external hard disk drive so that the data is safe and you are not stuck with DVDs that don’t work.


The Magic DVD ripper converts DVDs into SVCD, VCD, WMV, AVI (Xvid, DivX), MPEG2, MP3, MP4 (for iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3 or any kind of smartphone or tablet that supports this format). You can also back-up raw files and ISO and video TS folders.

The company makes different kinds of powerful, usable and high quality DVD software tools and offers technical and service support. What’s more you can also download the free trial version of this software before buying and use it five times before buying.

Using the Magic DVD Ripper Review

This powerful software has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. You simply have to choose the source and destination folders or disks and select the backup or convert option, depending on what you want to do. The disk can either be fully copied or you can copy selected files (for instance the main movie). You may want to convert a DVD-9 into two DVD-5 disks or compress a movie to fit a single-layer disk.

What more can this software do – Magic DVD ripper review

This software has converting and back-up functions that are speedy, so you don’t waste time. It can convert DVDs that use different formats and software that always plays back in sync. Among its other important features are:

  • No restrictions to copying – you can copy variously restricted DVDs
  • • Complete DVD copying – or you can copy in parts and put the data on different DVDs
  • • Convert DVDs for use on Kindle
  • • Compress the DVD so that it fits on a 4.7 GB disk
  • • Simple, one-click use
  • • High speed ripping with good quality output

The latest version of the Magic DVD ripper has fixed all the issues and bugs in the previous versions and works much better. Once you buy the version, you are assured of life time upgrades, so you only have to make a onetime investment.

The user guide enables you to do everything that the software promises thanks to its ease of use and you learn how to use this software for changing formats of different files, adjusting quality, compressing, ripping and more.


•     Raw files can be backed-up
•     Software detects and imports DVDs directly from the DVD drive
•     Simplicity of use
•     Enables batch processing
•     High ripping speed


•     Only one format for Android
•     Customization profiles are fewer
•     You have to get separate burning software for burning the DVDs (though you can buy the Magic DVD Ripper and the Magic DVD Copier as bundled software)

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