Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac Review & Vouchers

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Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac Review & Vouchers

Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac Review & VouchersI’m sure you have had that sinking feeling before when a file you had just a moment ago, completely disappears. Chances are if this hasn’t already happened to you, it will in the future. 

Fortunately, there are many programs that can help you recover lost data. If you are looking for a IOS data recovery system for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac is a great buy.

Smartphones and other hand held devices are great when you need to take your data on the go. However, iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch have a few disadvantages such as smaller storage options and occasional crashes that can limit or destroy precious data. By using a IOS data recovery system, you can not only retrieve lost files and data but back up your devices on a Mac. This way you have a copy in case of a severe failure.

The company behind IOS Data Recovery – Leawo

Leawo is a multimedia service provider that specializes in producing top quality multimedia programs for PC and Apple computer systems. They produce a variety of software to meet the needs of the modern computer user including:

  • — DVD converters
  • — Video converters
  • — Music recorders


Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac

The Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac is an easy to use data recovery software for you Mac.  When your iPhone crashes, sometimes files will be accidentally deleted or corrupted. With the Leawo IOS Data Recovery software you will be able to scan your device and retrieve lost data. You can even use the software to back up your system even if you don’t have an iTunes back up in case of a failure.

How to use Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac from device

If you are trying to recover lost data from your device, first you must launch the Data Recovery program and connect device to computer. The software will recognize your device automatically. For most devices (except iPhone 4 or iPod 4) you will follow these directions.

Next click the “Start” button to begin the scanning process.

Once that is complete the data recovery software will reveal files that you can recover.

Select files that you want to recover and click “Recover.” Another popup will prompt you to select where you want your files stored.

Once you click “Go” the recovery process starts immediately. For most scans this takes only a few minutesl

You have now recovered deleted files from your IOS device.

Other Features

  • — The Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac also allows you to back up your IOS device. You can either create a file on your computer or use the iTunes back up.
  • — The IOS data recovery software supports multiple devices so you can use it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.
  • — The data recovery software is compatible with the latest iTunes updates.
  • — Exports various formats with ease.
  • — Allows you to search for lost files.

The Leawo IOS Data Recovery system for Mac is an easy to use program that can help you retrieve files that have been lost due to user error, updates or damage to the device.


  • — Easy to use
  • — Easily recovers lost data
  • — Quick


  • — Price seems high to some users
  • — In some cases firmware needs to be downloaded for some IOS models
  • — Does not contain programs to put files back into the device

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