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Features that make Kiosk user friendly
Touch Screen Enable
Touch screen operation is possible if you run this software on touch screen machine.
Get photos from Bluetooth as well as from Facebook
Kiosk Xpress have a special feature of photo import. If your system is Bluetooth enabled, the photos can be transferred to the Kiosk Xpress as it have option to accept photos via Bluetooth. User can also login to their Facebook account without any browser and can download the photos to Print.
Enhanced Multi Photo Manager
Full screen visibility with on the spot selection of printable photos. While choosing photos for Kiosk, arranging or sorting the photos in a proper order may be a hectic task. The advance Photo manager provided in Kiosk Xpress simplifies your task. Select the photo in thumbnails, list, Filmstrip or in Full view mode; none of other software provide selection in full view. The Batch Edit option in Photo Manager allows you to edit, rename and rotate multiple photos at a time. The Edit option is available for single photo also. Sort photos with various parameters provided. You can even sort photos manually.
Glorify the photos more by giving various effects
Now enhance your photo to make it perfect photo with the advance Photo editing option in Kiosk Xpress. Make the photos look Rich and Lively by doing RGB Color Corrections. Whether the photos are taken in low light or are much brighter than needed, adjust the Brightness, contrast and gamma of the photos with BCG corrections. Photos need to be very effective because they are heard the way they look. Level and Curve Tool serves the purpose by providing color correction tool for the photos. Various effects like Crop and Rotate are readily available in the Kiosk Xpress to add an extra edge to your photos. Smart Snip helps you to perfect your adjustments. Achieve it by using Crop Feature. Photo Editing becomes matter of few clicks. It’s indeed easy and fast!
Smart Batch Color Correction
Time consuming job of Color correction of more than one photo is simplified and can be done in few clicks with the Batch Color Correction feature available in Kiosk Xpress. Color Balance tool is given to adjust the Colors of the photos in a Batch Mode. You can set the Colors, Brightness and Contrast of the multiple photos at a time. There are Automate Options that can be used in batch mode. By choosing Auto Color, all photos in a selected folder will be done of the same settings you made in a single click in batch mode.
Get guidelines of actual printable portion of photos
Customers can check and correct the photo before it gets printed with the help of guidelines showing actual print portion of the photo. This is the important and useful feature of the software. The guideline on the photos indicates the actual printable portion of the photo which makes your customers aware of the part of the photo getting cut or getting added while printing. This feature enables accurate printing with the minimal wastage. Users can now get the precise print in less time.
Fit or Crop setting
This software provides you option of auto Cropping or fitting your photos into selected size. There is no compromise in quality or size of photo. You can optimize photos in such a way that significantly reduces their size, the quality remains acceptable.
Print multiple copies of multiple photos at a time
The automated workflow of Kiosk Xpress allows you to take multiple copies of any photo. You just need to define number of copies for photo. You can set multiple copies for all the photos at a single click as well. Kiosk Xpress will print or export as many copies as you defined automatically. Using Kiosk Xpress is really that fast.
Save and Export in JPG and PDF
Get the output in the way you want with Kiosk Xpress! Take direct print from your selected printer through print option available in Kiosk Xpress or get the output of photos in JPEG and PDF and print it anywhere. While exporting in JPG format, you have choice to give preference to optimize the quality or the size. PDF is off course of a high resolution. Kiosk Xpress maintains highest quality for output.
Admin smartly with these features
Convert Any PC into Kiosk
Give your business a boom with a handy Kiosk. Kiosk Xpress works on any computer irrespective of touch screen or normal one. You need to just install the software and convert any computer in an order taking kiosk without investing much. Kiosk Xpress is a key to the success of your business!
Easily Define the image Size with Price
Make the Profit in Xpress Way! In spite of having many predefined standard print finish and sizes, if you are looking for some different finish or size, you may define your own photo sizes and prices easily in Kiosk Xpress. A special admin login help you to serves the purpose. Here you get the option to define the sizes and finishes as in matt or glossy with the price of your choice. You can also edit the existing sizes and prices as per your requirement.
Get instant report of all the orders
Kiosk Xpress not only take the photo orders but also helps you to track the order and profit. As an Administrator of the Kiosk, you may wish to track the Completed Orders and the Profit you made. Kiosk Xpress understands your need and stores the report of orders and make them available to you. All the reports are available in Admin panel on a single click. Reports can be filtered date wise, bill no. wise or mobile no. wise.
Generate Professional Invoice Instantly
Kiosk Xpress tries every bit to make your working easy! For the user to know the total expenses he made behind the order, the software helps in printing Invoice immediately. The option is provided for an invoice format where you can define your invoice and get printed on any thermal printer. So whenever any user finishes the order he gets Professional Invoice Instantly.
Maintain customer records
The Administrator of Kiosk can keep the track of customer data if needed. This is an additional and optional feature of Kiosk Xpress. Through admin control panel you can add, edit and delete user data. You can view the data in csv format in external viewer.
Save and Export in JPG and PDF
Get the output in the way you want with Kiosk Xpress! Take direct print from your selected printer through print option available in Kiosk Xpress or get the output of photos in JPEG and PDF and print it anywhere. While exporting in JPG format, you have choice to give preference to optimize the quality or the size. PDF is off course of a high resolution. Kiosk Xpress maintains highest quality for output.

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