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      More and more documents in our computer now, maybe more than ten thousands, one hundred thousands even several hundred thousands of files located inside computer. If you are an ebook fan, I guess you have ebooks, pictures and documents everywhere in your computer, but maybe you forget where it is soon after you download these docs, even don know its existence again.
    Most of ebook related software on market is objected to process single or a small number of books, its hard to find out software which can satisfy our requirements. King Chind Book Library is just such an application. Its basic function is put a large amounts of docs into a database according to their classes, and one class can still include a lots of sub classes just like a file system. There can place 10 thousands to 100 thousands of small docs. You can read these books with a browser after the lib created.
   The objective of the application is to resolve the problem of hard to manage more and more docs like ebooks. Motivation of development come from my childrens reading, He need a tool to manage and read a lots of ebooks.

Key Features:

1. Very Simple Operating. Only need to drag the path of books, move to the class on library and drop it, all books under the path are loaded to the library.
2. Support Strong ability to process library, such as bulk docs process, bulk files process, copy each other between two lib, and so on.
3. Rapid Search. You can find out the book in lib very fast because of the lib’s database ability.
4. Perfect Book Browser. Support bulk pictures browse, support internal direct view for normal type docs like txt, doc, rtf, pdf, swf, html, mp3 and wmv etc.
5. Internal Compress. Expand the function of winrar and winzip greatly, such as compress a large numbers of docs, speed of search, view and modification of compressed doc etc.
6. Support Class Password Protection, which is useful for personal document, personal books and pictures.
7. Support Word Explaining By Click. (Need another installation of word database.)
8. Libs container is MS access database, it can be loaded up to 2G docs.
9. Support TV Reading Mode. You can read a book from a longer distances, it can protect your eyes especially useful for children.
10. Reading Time Control. Force child to rest after an assigned time reading.

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