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iSkysoft SyncPod for Mac Vouchers

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Why Choose iSkysoft SyncPod for Mac?

SyncPod is the ultimate media management solution for your Mac and any iOS device, allowing you to easily transfer songs, movies, TV shows, playlist, photos from and to Mac/iTunes and iPhone/iPad/iPod. In addition, it has the ability to copy DVD movies to Apple devices.


Transfer Media Files to iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • Copy Media Files to Device: Like iTunes, it allows you to transfer files from iTunes library or Mac to your iPod, iPhone and iPad; Different from iTunes, it will not delete any files, it just transfers without any limitation.
  • Transfer DVD Movies to Apple device: With a simple drag and drop, you can transfer DVD movies to your Apple devices so you just enjoy those fantastic movies on the go.
  • Watch YouTube Videos on Your iOS Devices: Using Free Video Downloader for Mac, you can easily download and import YouTube videos to your iPhone/iPod/iPad with ease. Take the downloaded videos with you wherever you


Copy and Backup Everything from iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • Transfer Files to iTunes Library
  • Multimedia contents on iTunes and iDevices will be presented in side-by-side style. Simply drag and drop to transfer video, songs, and photo to iTunes library. This way, it’s possible to freely transfer multimedia files from your iTunes library to and from your friend's iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • Backup Contents to Mac at One Click
  • At a single click, you can backup music, movies, TV shows, photos, e-books, audio books on your iDevices to iTunes or Mac. It’s very helpful in case your computer crashed or you’ve deleted the files by mistake.


Easily Manage Contents

  • SyncPod provides an all-in-one solution to managing media file between Mac and iDevices, making it easier than iTunes to browse, edit, delete, and transfer files from and to iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  • The Preview feature lets you view the file prior to transferring it. So you will never get the wrong file transferred to your device.
  • SyncPod enables you to connect multiple devices to a Mac at the same time. You can choose from various devices and manage contents on them without any hassle.

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