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iReal Mac Blu-ray Player Vouchers

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Featuring all the qualities of media player, Mac Blu-ray Player from iReal goes far beyond traditional ones and refreshes the idea of Blu-ray player on Mac. It brings a lot of great things into the Mac Blu-ray World. With full support of media formats and compatibility with various OS and devices, iReal Blu-ray Player Software is designed to be easy and intuitive. Add cutting-edge technologies like DTS-HD® and deliver stunning HD visual and auditory enjoyment, with multiple functions, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player is incredibly powerful but remarkably simple.

Amazing Blu-ray/DVD Playback Remove all protections.

Bring stunning cinema-like enjoyment.

iReal Mac Blu-ray Player corresponds to the most striking feature of Blu-ray, which is the unprecedented HD quality, both visual and auditory. This Blu-ray Player Software manages to remove all layers of protections of BD and DVD. In the meantime, the ultimate HD experience that iReal Blu-ray Player can bring to you is unimaginable. Have you ever dreamed about owning a home theatre? I bet you have. Choosing iReal Mac Blu-ray Player is to choose a home theatre, all for you and only for you.

All-In-One. iReal Style.

Home to all media formats, which are just one click away.

iReal Blu-ray Player integrates Blu-ray, DVD and all types of HD video formats into its functional list. Instead of going through one Blu-ray Player Software after another, iReal Mac Blu-ray player spares the efforts in frustrated testing and serves as an almighty media player. It means no need to check those dazzling format supporting list any more. All-in-one style is what iReal Blu-ray Player is offering. It is the home to all popular media formats, which are just one click away. Just play it, whatever.

Mac & Win. iReal Everywhere. Full-Compatibility.

It just works. In more ways than ever.

The versatility and power of this Blu-ray Player software from iReal help it fit in just about everywhere. Being fully compatible with all Mac OS X, from V10.5 (Leopard) to the newest V10.8.2 (Mountain Lion), iReal Mac Blu-ray Player runs seamlessly on all Mac models, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. By the same token, Windows is not left behind by iReal Blu-ray Player either. iReal is all for Windows and win-based devices too.

DTS-HD®. High-tech iReal It’s why the sound effect is so authentically perfect.

DTS-HD® and DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO™, the most advanced decoder technology on the market, are built in the core of iReal Blu-ray Player software. You can enjoy immersive DTS surround up to 5.1 channels by using this Mac Blu-ray Player software. And also the most popular audio content delivered in superior HD sound from physical discs (DVDs, BDs) and various video formats, could be gained from iReal Mac Blu-ray Player.

iReal. Multi-Functional.

Blu-ray Menu Navigation. Online Broadcast. I am Really Functional.

Functioning with Blu-ray menu navigation and online broadcast, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player just makes everything a lot easier. Navigated by Blu-ray menu, this Mac Blu-ray Player software is able to play all the contents in BDMV folder automatically without the trouble of manually search. Just one click. And more, allowing accessing sites via HTTP or HTTPS protocols, iReal Mac Blu-ray Player makes it possible to watch videos online. No annoying downloading, just pure enjoyment.

Bonus features for iReal Everything you love about iReal just gets better. And easier.

From the moment you start up iReal Mac Blu-ray Player, everything is designed to be easy and intuitive. And it makes perfect sense. Clean and simple, that’s what this Mac Blu-ray Player software is all about. It takes one click to open a disc or file and one click to play, pause and stop. With a few more, post straight to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr when the moment strikes. Using iReal Mac Blu-ray Player, it’s easy to enjoy, share and do just about everything.

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