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iDive transforms your videos into a catalog that's easy and quick to put together and access.

Just connect your camcorder to your Mac, launch iDive and a few clicks later you’ll be capturing data directly from your camcorder into iDive’s database. iDive scans tape after tape to build an index of your DV Library.

iDive detects clip boundaries, extracts information (dates, time, format) and takes sample images from each clip at regular intervals. If you want, iDive can also record the whole clip or simply index your footage by taking sample frames in full resolution.

iDive is the ideal cataloging solution for all your movie files as it features QuickTime import capabilities allowing you to keep track of all video files whether they come from a camcorder, are downloaded from the Internet, stored on a hard drive or from CD/DVD.

Whether your video collection is stored on a memory card, DVD, hard drive or even video cassette, iDive allows you to easily identify, sort, organize and catalog all footage for easy access and use in a central hub.

iDive features :

-      Export directly from iDive. A new seamless integration with Avid and Final Cut formats

-      DV Capture and Recapture : Download only the video footage required in an instant

-      Import more formats with ease. The latest video file formats are now fully supported such as MPEG2 and AVCHD

-      Interface and navigation improvements allowing users to search and index footage faster and easier

-      iDive is compatible with ever more video formats such as MPEG2 or AVCHD

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