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Design ID card faster than ever
  • ID Xpress is the unique tool for your professional ID card production in a user friendly way, designed to have the best performance with databases with and without photos, ID Xpress gives you the flexibility of selecting your data in excel format which makes your task simpler or you can assign data one by one manually. You just assign the folder in which photos are kept and ID Card Xpress will automatically place photos in I cards. Just in few clicks create thousands of id in second.
Start Designing with Unique Templates
  • 100+ Ready to use Templates are available Free along with the Software; Unique templates and huge collection Décor such as backgrounds, Borders, ClipArt’s, and that all can be get used in multiple ready tones. Our ready to use design help you to create effectively any type of ID card we had given single and Duplex both type of templates. You can use or edit the existing templates easily. Import option allows you to bring in your own choice of material in software.
Define your own ID card type & size
  • In spite of having many predefined types & sizes; if the type or size that you require is not present; you may define your own Custom Parameters like width, height, Safe Area, Front-Back, etc.
ID Cards in Multiple languages
  • Why to adjust always with ID Cards in English? Just because you don’t have facility to create ID Cards in regional languages. ID Card Xpress 3.0 supports ID Card creation in regional languages. That’s too very easily. Now create ID Cards in the language you want and explore more.
Automate Barcode and QR Code
  • Stunning and easier way to apply Barcode or QR code on IDs by single click. Add more value to your design Ids by adding Barcode and QR Code. IDX 2.0 have new feature by which you can add Barcode or QR Code on the Ids. You can select option of numeric or alpha numeric barcode for your I card. Same way you can add QR code in that you option to select the field you want to add in QR code.
Simplest Data Connectivity
  • IDX 2.0 database architecture help you for seamless, real-time data integration, It have new feature by which you can add data internally or you can import your data created in excel. ID Xpress allow add, edit or delete of data in both internal and external mode. You just assign the folder in which photos are kept and ID Card Xpress will automatically place photos in I cards same way you can add authority signature on Ids. Create different design of cards with existing data.
Make use of the Advance Photo Manager tool
  • IDX 2.0 is loaded with photo manager through which you can select the photo in thumbnails, list, Filmstrip or in Full view mode; none of other software provide selection in full view. Use photo manager for smooth and clean effect on photos with the help of advanced Filters such as Brightness and contrast, RGB color settings, Curve, level etc. Photo manager also have option batch rename, batch resize or Batch rotate same features can be used on single photo also. 

    Photo Manager have Facebook option by which you can import photo from your Facebook account.
Save & Export or Print
  • Project of new IDX can be saved and can be reopen for Correction or for output. Get the output of ID Xpress in Jpeg, PDF or you can also do direct printing by Print option.
Minimize Paper wastage by Print Packages option
  • ID Xpress have a special feature of Package printing which help you to make the imposition of I cards, multiple created design of I cards can get imposed on page. You can select the created design and can also define the quantity of that particular design by double clicking on that, so it’s very easy to imposed one to many or many to one ID packages. The effortless Print Packages option allows you to impose single as well as Duplex IDs with ease.
Create more then I cards
  • ID Xpress have option to create any size or any design which you required; by this you can go beyond I Cards and can create some other print things such as school certificates, Book Labels, Report cards Event IDs etc. So go beyond IDs and generate more profit through ID Xpress.
Multi Lingual
Available on Windows & Mac
Print Anywhere


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