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Most if not all USB flash drives and memory cards used in a variety of digital cameras, MP3 players and other devices are bearing a variation of the FAT file system. FAT16 and FAT32 have become a de-facto standard for solid-state external storage media such as USB flash sticks, SDHC, SDXC, Compact Flash and SONY Memory Stick used in tablets, mobile phones, digital compact and SLR cameras. Some hard drives may still be formatted with FAT32, especially those used in NAS servers, recording and streaming video boxes.

From time to time, data may get corrupted even on the most reliable media. User error, hardware malfunctions, software and firmware errors may easily render the entire drive or memory unreadable or inaccessible. Sometimes you can not read just a few files (often the most desirable ones), sometimes the entire memory card appears empty, and sometimes you simply cannot access the content of the flash drive at all. 

Hetman FAT Recovery is designed to take care of all of these problems, accessing the inaccessible and reading the unreadable. The data recovery tool can reliably extract information from all sorts of problematic storage media. Recognizing hard disks, SSD drives, USB flash drives and a wide range of memory cards, Hetman FAT Recovery can restore information from pretty much every source - if it bears a variation of the FAT file system. Hetman FAT Recovery supports all versions of FAT from the original FAT16 to FAT32, recovering the original long file names and reconstructing the original folder structure for everything stored on the damaged card.

Hetman FAT Recovery features highly sophisticated recovery algorithms, analyzing the file system and, in the optional comprehensive analysis mode, reading the entire content of the damaged media in order to reliably locate each and every piece of recoverable information. The available pre-recovery preview allows viewing files in hundreds formats before the recovery in live mode.

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