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Gmail attachments downloader is one of the most popular tool to download gmail attachments from your gmail account very effectively. This gmail attachment downloader downloads attachments as well as a list emails that you received from your gmail account. Not only this, it does it in the best manner compared to other software. This is an attachment extractor for gmail that fetches attachments from your inbox, send mails, draft, starred and even from your spam. This software gives the list of e-mail ids that have mailed you and whom you have mailed along with the subject of the mail and date and time you received in a tabular form making it convenient for you to see all the mails all together with their respective subject. This table you can save in your personal computer in .csv or .txt format by just clicking on one option. The most effective feature of it is that it creates the table or fetches the data from the period of time you want or from the beginning of time when you created your mail. You can download the attachment of certain people whom you want by selecting them .
This attachment extractor for gmail downloads email gmail and save gmail attachments.
The attachments are saved in a folder that further consists of sub folder with the name of email from whom you received the attachments. You can also choose a type of attachment ( for example .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .zip, .pdf , .html , .exe etc ) and download only them by filtering your attachment result.
You can consider it as if you want to download all your pdf that you have in your email id by choosing .pdf type of file and download in a separate folder. If you do not want email attachments from a number people, you can do this by using exclude email option. This software can be installed in windows operating system. In a matter of few minutes you can extract all your attachments in one go. This software can be used for a large number of email ids you only need to just log in and start finding the attachments.

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