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G-Lock Email Processor Vouchers

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Detailed G-Lock Email Processor Summary

Introducing G-Lock Email Processor - powerful message parser and data extractor that individuals and organizations can use to automate their business processes and save their time and money!

G-Lock Email Processor can handle purchase orders, messages where the text layout is known (web forms), bounced emails, subscribe/unsubscribe emails, auto replies or any kind of messages of a specific format you may receive.

Using our G-Lock Email Processor you can read messages from POP3 and IMAP mailboxes, filter the messages by different conditions, extract any data from the message body, message header, and text attachments and save the data to a file of the user definable format.

In addition, G-Lock Email Processor can insert extracted data into your local or remote database, update the database or delete records from the database based on the extracted data. The program can work with any ODBC compatible database.

G-Lock Email Processor provides you with the ability to develop a set of rules that determine how you want to process your incoming messages.

You can use it to read incoming messages from multiple sources (POP3 and IMAP accounts including accounts which require SSL connection) and perform multiple automated actions in response to those messages.

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