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Sync TOGO offers you options for synchronizing, mirroring, or backing up your files between your portable storage devices and computers. It provides you the Check feature so you can review and edit pending action before committing to it. Its customizable sync list display lets you see at a glance what is going to happen and the log will let you know what has actually happened to the files. The program also offers additional safeguard to keep a copy of deleted or overwritten files. Although you can copy files and folders manually via Explorer, Sync TOGO provides automation, information, accuracy, and backup of any deleted or changed folders even on USB device (no Recycle Bin on USB device in Windows Explorer).

Sync TOGO is a portable application. In addition to installing the program on your computer, you can also install Sync TOGO directly on portable storage, where your files are stored, so you can carry it around without being concerned about synchronizing files with another computer that may not have the program installed. If the program is installed on USB device, it can run on hosts that do not allow installing software or when your account does not have Administrator rights. With Sync TOGO you will never again blindly transfer files between computers at the office and home, with a Laptop or a Netbook, or USB flash drives or cameras.


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