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We would like to introduce a unique Data Cleaning utility, Excel Text Cleaner, specifically developed to Clean Data in Excel files. This unique Excel addin is adept at performing Data cleaning tasks like Removing Alphabetic and numeric Characters, Removing user defined Characters, Removing Extra Spaces, Removing Duplicate rows, Transposing Data (Rows to Columns), Removing empty worksheets, rows, columns and cells and many other Data cleaning tasks. Just completing these tasks does not serve the purpose of developing this software. Main aim of the software is to save precious time of the user and perform the operations with accuracy. Whole lot of commands has been provided to serve this purpose.

The Software has been equipped with simple commands to perform different Data cleaning tasks. Commands like remove numbers or remove alphabets can be used to remove alphabetic and numeric characters. User can Remove Duplicate in excel files by simply opting for different commands provided for the purpose and even prevent duplicate entries by simply selecting Duplicate preventer command. Space remover commands are also available to get rid of extra spaces. Separate commands have been provided to the user to remove empty rows, columns and worksheets. Counting tools are also provided to Count Duplicate Worksheets, rows etc. The software may boast of innovative commands to perform complex data cleaning tasks but has simple user friendly interface. It is compatible with MS office 2010/2007/2003/XP/2000.

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