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In Easy CSV Importer it takes just a few clicks to import data from any .csv file and watch posts being created in Wordpress. The plugin may be easy but it still outperforms most importers for WP and rivals the rest. The advanced auto-blogging tools are presenting in a simple interface and a lightweight plugin.

What You Will Get Today

Buying the easiest auto-blogger for Wordpress from WebTechGlobal makes you a lifetime member with an account which offers unlimited updates. ECI already includes automatic updating, multiple project management and other special functions no other Wordpress plugin offers.  

Easy CSV Importer for Wordpress Offers...

  • Ability to import any CSV file as they are, no need to edit the headers
  • A way to create complex content layout templates
  • Text spinning so you can create unique content
  • Mass post creation that makes use of every feature Wordpress has to offer
  • Automatic updating when new data is detected
  • Innovation from our team who do it better than other CSV importers
  • Easily manage many projects, all running at the same time
  • Duplicate prevention, if you do not trust your data, do not worry with ECI
  • Post adoption for migrating from another importer so that ECI can take control
  • Compatability with any theme, we gaurantee it or your money back
  • Extra ShopperPress support
  • Extra ClassiPress Support
  • Much more!

WebTechGlobal Offers...

  • We promise to refund if you are not happy
  • Lifetime membership with unlimited updates
  • Lifetime support via our forum
  • A team focused on support and development...not sales!
  • Collaboration and communication 
  • Amazing discounts for internet services and products
  • Gaurantee that the plugin will improve for many years

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