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Transparent encryption of network folders

Transparent encryption of network folders.

CyberSafe Enterprise can be effectively used to configure transparent encryption for network folders in the corporate space, whenthe a need arises to provide simultaneous access to the same encrypted folder for several employees and to separate access rights to confidential information with different levels of secrecy.

Client-side encryption

Client-side encryption.

When CyberSafe Enterprise is used to encrypt the network folder, all actions for encryption and decryption of files is done exclusively on the user’s side. This means the secret files stored on the server are always encrypted and protected. The program does not require installation on a file server and in the enterprise space can be used to protect information on Network Attached Storages.

Trusted applications

Trusted applications.

To enhance the security CyberSafe Enterprise has the System of trusted applications. Using it you can additionally appoint a list of trusted applications that can access protected files, while the programs are not included in the list of trusted, will not have access. This allows you to restrict access to confidential information for spyware, malware and spam.

Storing keys on tokens

Storing keys on tokens.

CyberSafe Enterprise allows you to store the cryptographic keys on tokens, which provides an additional level of security – you can always keep your Private Key with you, instead of leaving it on your computer.

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