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Product Overview

CyberGate Excel is an advanced remote control solution. It is designed to control a large number of servers, in order to allow the administrator to easily control his network. CyberGate Excel is only available for now for Windows platforms as a Native application, without requiring any Framework (such as .NET), Virtual Machine (such as Java Virtual Machine) or any Extra Dynamic Link Libraries or shared libraries being a step forward on innovation and an advantage over other applications on the market that have reduced installation and usability.

CyberGate Excel can connect over either a LAN or the Internet in a variety of connection modes. This makes it an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a multi-purpose and yet affordable remote control and help desk solution. However, it can also scale to larger environments with thousands of remote computers and servers. CyberGate Excel utilizes a Client-Server model with two stand-alone components installed separately, being the Server installed on remote system and Client console to be run on administration system.

After successfully and intensively tested with most Windows Operating Systems and after leading the remote administration market over the last couple of years, CyberGate Excel is also available for public use on a public version that allows only the use of a Console server without any kind of limitations. CyberGate Excel is not the promise but the certainty of a new era on Remote Administration and Security. CyberGate Excel is the warranty of a totally safe, easy and pleasant remote administration session.

Main Information

  • Client and Servers programmed in Delphi/Pascal
  • Access and Administrate Computers from Anywhere
  • Remote Customer Support
  • Telecommuting
  • Remote Access and Communication
  • Remote File Management
  • Remote System Activity Management
  • Password Recovery
  • Remote Shell (Command Interpreter)
  • Web Downloader (HTTP)
  • Screen Viewer
  • Bandwidth Limiter
  • Proxy Tunneling
  • Reverse Socks 4/5 Proxy Server
  • Local Applications Proxifier
  • Data Transferring

Key Features

- AES 256 bit keys traffic encryption
- Local settings files RC4 encryption for extra security on Administration System
- Multi port use with uPnP support
- Unicode support
- option kind of server to load from URL or Client Console allowing to reduce server size to the loader only (47kb's)
- Startup methods option to create new server
- Password protection method to create new server
- Customizable installation folder and file name to create new server
- Ftp logs support
- Email notification on server startup
- Tagger notification (webhost solution) on server startup
- Automatic DNS updater with multi DNS addresses support
- Multi profiles builder
- UAC (Vista, 7 and 8) bypass on server
- Windows * ready application
- Offline and Online Keylogger with Unicode support
- Password recovery tool (Chrome, Safari, IE, FF, Filezilla, Windows Live Messenger, No-IP, IDM and many more …)
- Interactive real time chat feature
- File manager
- Services manager
- Windows manager
- Processes manager
- Clipboard manager
- Socks 4/5 and Http Proxy
- Mass features
- Installed programs manager
- Remote desktop (with capture)
- Remote webcam view (with capture)
- Audio stream with save option
- Remote download and execute
- Shell command
- Message boxes control
- Control desktop items (taskbar, icon, start menu)
- Active ports list
- Server control (update, disconnect, restart)
- Remote open HTTP URL
- Send file and execute
- CD Open and Close
- Reverse Mouse Option
- Remote Power Options (Shutdown, Restart, etc …)
- Remote Mouse Lock
- Remote Keyboard Lock
- Remote Icons Hide/show
- Remote Start Hide/show
- Group support (connections can be organized in groups)
- Several function that can be performed from group panel
- URL visiter (with hidden feature)
- VBscript console
- Multi-user keylogger/file search
- Connection log incorporated in the client GUI
- Add Notes for your connections if you want
- Multiple tabs in the client making your life easier (connections tab, group panel tab, client tasks tab, etc …)
- GeoIP server tracking for accurate remote computer localization tracking
- Thumbnails view on file manager allowing display all images of a remote folder
- Auto detection of Windows OS bit system (x32/x64)
- Run remote files as admin
- and many more ...

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