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Commentator PRO!  is the ultimate tool to generate customizable comments for your posts and pages with minimum effort.

Commentator PRO! Brings you the following features:


  • Generate as many comments as you want, any time.
  • Customize your comments with your post’s category and title.
  • Automatically post a customizable number of comments for each new post (Great for autoblogs!).
  • Creates comments randomly within a customizable window of time.
  • Target specific categories.
  • Clear all generated comments from one or more categories.
  • Create of clear comments from any single post.
  • Creates a fake email address for each commentator, compatible with Gravatar!



Why should I buy Commentator PRO?


You should buy it if you are:

  • Just starting a new blog and want to encourage visitors to comment. It is well known that comment start flowing once a couple of comments are posted.
  • Trying to increase visitor interaction to some categories of your blog.
  • Building an Auto-blog for ad revenues. The lack of comments drives you visitors away, Commentator PRO can help you increase your pages view per visitor, and hence, more ad revenues. A mix of an RSS poster, a post rewriter, Taggator for auto tagging, and Commentator PRO!, can make a mean ad revenues machine.

Why is Commentator PRO! Better than the free version?

This is best described with a table:


Commentator PRO!


Generate  random comments to all posts



Safely delete all generated comments



Target specific categories or posts.



Customizable comment time



Delete generated comments for specific categories or posts.



Auto comment on new posts



Display the number of generated comments per category.



Customizable emails domain





Commentator PRO! Is only 6.99$ a small fee that is less than what many blogs make per day!

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