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CyberLink ColorDirector 2 is a post-production color grading solution for videos that helps you to get the very best out of your footage. Smooth interoperability with PowerDirector allows for fast and easy optimization of video tones and colors and the ability to dramatically change the look and feel of a production by instantly applying film-style presets. ColorDirector’s inspiring tools and intuitive design will take your creations to the next level.                                                                                                                          

Dramatically Improves Your Videos

§  Instantly correct the white balance of a video scene to remove unrealistic color casts

§  Achieve authentic video colors by correcting hue, saturation and lightness or by applying color Look-up Tables (LUTs) NEW

§  Change the color of any moving object with CyberLink’s Intelligent Motion Tracking algorithm IMPROVED

§  Unique HDR video effect transforms ordinary looking video into dramatic scenes UNIQUE

§  Powerful new noise reduction and sharpening tools are perfect for cleaning up video shot in low-light conditions NEW

§  Compensate for dynamic changes in exposure by using masks and keyframes

§  See at a glance where scenes are under/over exposed with new Live Histogram UNIQUE


Free Downloads and Sharing

§  Download free presets made by others from DirectorZone.com, including presets made for both ColorDirector & PhotoDirector

§  Showcase your color corrected projects directly from ColorDirector to YouTube, Vimeo and DirectorZone


Streamlines Your Video Editing

§  Launch ColorDirector from PowerDirector with one click to color grade without interrupting your editing workflow

§  State-of-the-art TrueVelocity  64-bit editing engine makes previewing and rendering lightning fast NEW

§  Enjoy lossless video quality and significant time savings by rendering the video once in PowerDirector

§  Optimized for CPU/GPU hardware acceleration NEW

§  Enjoy full integration of pro-level audio and video support with CyberLink Director Family products


Intuitively Apply Professional Techniques

§  Select from a range of color presets to instantly give film-style looks to your project at the click of a button MORE

§  Click and drag gradient effects to quickly and effectively enhance skies and landscapes

§  Simply click and drag curve adjustment boxes to make color changes to individual RGB channels NEW

§  Use Quick Selection Tools to apply effects to only partial regions of a video

§  Use powerful keyframing  features to  animate and time your color adjustments

§  Make all adjustments in a non-destructive video editing environment so your original file is left untouched

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