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Clock-on-Desktop Lite Edition Vouchers

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Easy-to-use clock for desktop with a great choice of skins. Installation package includes clock with more then 50 various skins. You can easily change the size of the clock without loss of rendering quality. There are a lot of options for fine-tuning: display the name on the clock, choice of timezone, transparency, display on the desktop or above all windows, shadows under clock and (or) hands, clock color and much more.

After installation you will see analog clock in the center of your desktop. To customize clock, just click on the appropriate button which appears when you hover the mouse over the clock. Quick access to skin change and application settings is available via desktop tray, where the Clock-on-Desktop icon always located. If you want Clock-on-Desktop to startup automatically with operation system, open application settings window and use the corresponding option.

Like in all more featured versions, there is a support of 4 user interface languages: English, German, French and Russian. You can choose language during procedure of Clock-on-Desktop installation, or later using application settings.

Experiment and change a appearance of clock for the desktop as you like!

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