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CouponPHP Review & Voucher Code

CouponPHP ReviewEveryone wants to make money online. Coupon sites are a quick way to make money without taking money out of the pockets of your users.

You earn money through the purchasing of your users, and since they’ve come to your site looking for deals and coupons, they will not only save money on their purchases, but they will make money for you while they are doing it. 

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If you’re looking for an easy to use, fast, and completely scalable CMS that will let you create an amazing coupon website, couponPHP is the program you’ve been looking for. 

couponPHP Review Features

With built-in reporting, couponPHP utilizes Google Analytics to analyze site traffic. This allows reporting on referring sites, traffic sources, keywords and more. CouponPHP offers a powerful SEO that makes setting up URL routes and meta information simple.


CouponPHP’s crowning jewel is couponFeed. With couponFeed, you’ll have automatic coupons and deals that are gathered by the couponPHP system and added to your site. 

  • – Fully customizable default template (change colors, logo, background image, etc.)
  • – Separated template and language files so it is easy to modify and localize
  • – Visitor statistics with segmented stats of referring mediums
  • – Outgoing clicks reporting
  • – Referring keywords statistics
  • – Referring site statistics
  • – Coupon and Deal views / clicks / favorites / comments / subscribers stats
  • – Subscription system and daily newsletter with the latest coupons from the user’s favorite stores
  • – Facebook and Twitter connect integration so your users can sign up and login conveniently
  • – Facebook and Twitter connect integration
  • – Full set of social share buttons
  • – Supports Open Graph tags so your site will look good when your users share it on social sites
  • – 3 different commenting systems (native, Facebook, Disqus)
  • – Mobile friendly
  • – Built-in ad management system so you can set up CPC or affiliate banners

CouponPHP also offers Skimlinks integration. , which automates the process of creating affiliate links and helps to make earring commissions when your visitors buy something a painless process.

With couponPHP, you’ll also have the benefit of iCodes US and UK integration or you can add your own affiliate links. Affiliate links can be added individual or with the CSV mass upload tool.

couponPHP’s couponFeed Features

CouponFeed allows couponPHP to run itself. The most important part of a coupon site to have to new, up-to-date, and relevant coupons. Without good coupons, it doesn’t matter how much traffic your site gets, users won’t come back.

CouponFeed automatically finds new content and adds it to your site. CouponFeed also allows you to find all the newest coupons and deals for a given store with just a single click or fetch store information by entering it’s domain.

How Are Coupons Gathered?

These coupons are obtained through the couponFeed constantly spidering all the most popular deal and coupon sites. This content then goes through couponFeed’s quality control, to ensure that deals and coupons are valid and the data is clean.

Data that passes the quality control process goes into couponFeed’s API, and your site’s database is updated from that API. Every couponPHP option comes with a free subscription to couponFeed. This option could range from a free month to a free lifetime subscription!

couponPHP System Requirements

It is very important that your server meet the requirements of couponPHP, or you will not be able to utilize all that couponPHP has to offer. CouponPHP suggest contacting your hosting provider if you need to verify that you meet the minimum requirements.

  • PHP 5+, mySQL, Apache
  • – ionCube loaders for PHP – Some of the files are encrypted
  • – Ability to chmod folders – The script should be able to write files in certain folders
  • – mod_rewrite – So the script can use SEO friendly URLs
  • – cURL – So it can grab data from couponFeed
  • – PHP GD library – For image resizing and manipulation
  • – PHP iconv library – For creating permalinks for foreign languages


Automatic content updates
Simple, easy to use system
Supports major social media for log in, commenting, and sharing


Only Pro option includes lifetime subscription to couponFeed
Server requirements are very specific, and must be met without exception





Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac Review & Vouchers

Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac Review & VouchersI’m sure you have had that sinking feeling before when a file you had just a moment ago, completely disappears. Chances are if this hasn’t already happened to you, it will in the future. 

Fortunately, there are many programs that can help you recover lost data. If you are looking for a IOS data recovery system for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac is a great buy.

Smartphones and other hand held devices are great when you need to take your data on the go. However, iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch have a few disadvantages such as smaller storage options and occasional crashes that can limit or destroy precious data. By using a IOS data recovery system, you can not only retrieve lost files and data but back up your devices on a Mac. This way you have a copy in case of a severe failure.

The company behind IOS Data Recovery – Leawo

Leawo is a multimedia service provider that specializes in producing top quality multimedia programs for PC and Apple computer systems. They produce a variety of software to meet the needs of the modern computer user including:

  • — DVD converters
  • — Video converters
  • — Music recorders


Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac

The Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac is an easy to use data recovery software for you Mac.  When your iPhone crashes, sometimes files will be accidentally deleted or corrupted. With the Leawo IOS Data Recovery software you will be able to scan your device and retrieve lost data. You can even use the software to back up your system even if you don’t have an iTunes back up in case of a failure.

How to use Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac from device

If you are trying to recover lost data from your device, first you must launch the Data Recovery program and connect device to computer. The software will recognize your device automatically. For most devices (except iPhone 4 or iPod 4) you will follow these directions.

Next click the “Start” button to begin the scanning process.

Once that is complete the data recovery software will reveal files that you can recover.

Select files that you want to recover and click “Recover.” Another popup will prompt you to select where you want your files stored.

Once you click “Go” the recovery process starts immediately. For most scans this takes only a few minutesl

You have now recovered deleted files from your IOS device.

Other Features

  • — The Leawo IOS Data Recovery for Mac also allows you to back up your IOS device. You can either create a file on your computer or use the iTunes back up.
  • — The IOS data recovery software supports multiple devices so you can use it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.
  • — The data recovery software is compatible with the latest iTunes updates.
  • — Exports various formats with ease.
  • — Allows you to search for lost files.

The Leawo IOS Data Recovery system for Mac is an easy to use program that can help you retrieve files that have been lost due to user error, updates or damage to the device.


  • — Easy to use
  • — Easily recovers lost data
  • — Quick


  • — Price seems high to some users
  • — In some cases firmware needs to be downloaded for some IOS models
  • — Does not contain programs to put files back into the device

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Magic DVD Ripper Review

Magic DVD Ripper Review & Voucher Codes

If you are tired of  DVDs that stop working because of scratches or any other problems you should consider getting the Magic DVD ripper review so that you can back up your DVDs at a fraction of the cost of constantly replacing them or worse, losing data or movies.

You can either copy the original DVDs on blank disks with no loss of quality or put the material on the DVDs on your computer or an external hard disk drive so that the data is safe and you are not stuck with DVDs that don’t work.


The Magic DVD ripper converts DVDs into SVCD, VCD, WMV, AVI (Xvid, DivX), MPEG2, MP3, MP4 (for iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3 or any kind of smartphone or tablet that supports this format). You can also back-up raw files and ISO and video TS folders.

The company makes different kinds of powerful, usable and high quality DVD software tools and offers technical and service support. What’s more you can also download the free trial version of this software before buying and use it five times before buying.

Using the Magic DVD Ripper Review

This powerful software has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. You simply have to choose the source and destination folders or disks and select the backup or convert option, depending on what you want to do. The disk can either be fully copied or you can copy selected files (for instance the main movie). You may want to convert a DVD-9 into two DVD-5 disks or compress a movie to fit a single-layer disk.

What more can this software do – Magic DVD ripper review

This software has converting and back-up functions that are speedy, so you don’t waste time. It can convert DVDs that use different formats and software that always plays back in sync. Among its other important features are:

  • No restrictions to copying – you can copy variously restricted DVDs
  • • Complete DVD copying – or you can copy in parts and put the data on different DVDs
  • • Convert DVDs for use on Kindle
  • • Compress the DVD so that it fits on a 4.7 GB disk
  • • Simple, one-click use
  • • High speed ripping with good quality output

The latest version of the Magic DVD ripper has fixed all the issues and bugs in the previous versions and works much better. Once you buy the version, you are assured of life time upgrades, so you only have to make a onetime investment.

The user guide enables you to do everything that the software promises thanks to its ease of use and you learn how to use this software for changing formats of different files, adjusting quality, compressing, ripping and more.


•     Raw files can be backed-up
•     Software detects and imports DVDs directly from the DVD drive
•     Simplicity of use
•     Enables batch processing
•     High ripping speed


•     Only one format for Android
•     Customization profiles are fewer
•     You have to get separate burning software for burning the DVDs (though you can buy the Magic DVD Ripper and the Magic DVD Copier as bundled software)

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Spyera Review & Voucher Codes

Spy Software for Cell Phones and Tablets

Spyera puts an incredible amount of advanced technology into the most powerful and undetectable Spy phone software. Other apps promise, Spyera delivers. Whether you need to keep tabs on loved ones or employees, monitor call interceptions, or are just looking for the best in remote updates, Spyera is the only cell phone spy software app you will ever need.


Spyera offers 3 versions of its powerful monitoring software

1- Spyera Spy Phone

2- Spyera Tablet Spy Software

3- Spyera PC Spy Software

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While leading competitors need constant reinstallation time after time for updates, Spyera lets you click on the remote update tab on your web account and it is done. The features that Spyera offers are never ending and the app is the only resource you will ever need to monitor targeted devices. With Spyera, you get:

Live Call Listening

With Spyera, you can monitor lives calls in real time as they happen. You can set up the app so that you receive a discreet SMS alert message and you will then be added to the live call in progress. This feature in only available with Spyera and no competitive product has this feature.

Ambient Listening>

With Spyera, you can place a hidden call to the targeted phone to hear what is happening around the device, with regards to conversations in the room in which the call is taking place. Again, this is exclusive to Spyera, and is not offered by competitors.

Multimedia Files

All photos taken from the targeted device can be uploaded directly to your web account and you can check video files, camera images, audio files, and wallpapers on your web account remotely and discreet.

Spy on VoIP Apps

You can receive the logs of all VoIP calls made on your targeted device, meaning that you are not just limited to text and picture messages when monitoring activities.

Live Call Recording

Spyera can send recorded calls to you web account at to be listened to at a later time. You can choose which phone numbers to record and those conversation will be in a hidden file for viewing at your convenience.

Ambient Recording

If you decide to not listen to a live call, you can record files and visit them at a later time by enabling the targeted device’s microphone and then recording the surrounding noises and conversations.

Location Tracking

You can track the GPS coordinates of your targeted device by linking the map and location inside of your web account, therefore enabling you to display a path of travel between certain time periods.

Password Grabber

Whether you are using any iPad, iPhone, or Android device, Spyera allows you to read passwords and passcodes, which will give login credentials for your targeted device in regards to Twitter Skype, Facebook, and other email accounts.

Spy on IM

You can read all messages, access all files, pictures and status updates by monitoring Facebook, Skype, Viber, WeChat, PIN, BBM, Line, and WhatsApp accounts on your targeted device.

Track SMS Messages

With Spyera, you can easily read all incoming and outgoing SMS message contents. The app will capture the SMS the instant it is received so you will still be able to read them if the user decides to delete it.

Track E-mails

You can capture all emails and have them sent to your account, regardless of whether or not the user has already deleted them. Furthermore, contact names of those emails will be available if those email addresses are in the device’s address book.

Alert Wizard

You are able to specify certain criteria within the Alert Wizard, allowing you to be notified either by email, or directly on your dashboard.

Additional Features

In addition to the detailed features listed above, Spyera offers many more advantages and benefits, such as:

  • See Address Book
  • SIM Notification
  • Web History
  • Device Change
  • Remote Control
  • Platform Changes
  • See Call History
  • Ease of Use
  • Remote Update
  • Remote Uninstall
  • Undetectable
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Application Activity
  • Spoof SMS
  • Call Notification
  • Check Battery Levels

The Only Cell Phone Spy Software You Will Ever Need

If you are concerned about the welfare of your children, loved ones, or employees, Spyera allows you the peace of mind in knowing that you may be able to help prevent an impending disaster, and not just spying on their devices to protect yourself.

Your child may be battling sever bouts of depression and may be thinking about hurting themselves. With Spyera, if they send any incriminating messages or photos, you will be able to deal with the issue before it develops into something much more and spirals out of control. Spyera allows you to keep an eye on people you are close to.

Even if they have their device set to not save chat histories, Spyera will still capture BBM and generate in on your dashboard so you can view conversations regardless if they are saved or not. This one tool is extremely invaluable to be able to monitor the on goings of loved ones or employees and is exclusive only to Spyera. No other company or product offers this resource.

Web Based Control and Monitoring

All of your targeted devices activities are sent directly to your web account with a silent synch feature. This can be done with the use of any available internet connection or network data card and all uploaded logs are hidden completely.

Change Application Settings Remotely

Spyera allows you to control settings from your web browser and have access to all aspects form a remote location. From there, you can enable or disable any features without the need for having the actual device in your hand.

Spyera is compatible with devices, such as:


  • Android Devices
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia Symbian

Spyera also has a full line of PC Monitoring as well as Tablet Monitoring software – View all Current Spyera Voucher Codes Below

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SoftwareVoucher.co.uk Launches New Website Targeting UK Software Buyers


Software Voucher Codes



London, November 20, 2014. SoftwareVoucher LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its comprehensive software voucher website SoftwareVoucher.co.uk. The new site delivers exclusive discounts and voucher codes for over 50,000 software products in a wide variety of software specific categories.

SoftwareVoucher.co.uk was designed to provide businesses and consumers an extensive resource to explore and find the top software to fit their needs and at the same time deliver the best discounts and deals available.

SoftwareVoucher LLC has long standing relationships with over 10,000 software companies from all over the world giving them the ability to offer unmatched discounts. Some of the top software companies featured on SoftwareVoucher.co.uk include Symantec, Iolo, Malwarebytes, McAfee, Systweak, Arcsoft, Wondershare, Remo Software, Leawo and Acebyte.

According to Statista.com, the global software market had total revenues of $554.5bn in 2013, representing a compound annual growth rate of 11% between 2009 and 2013. The survey also showed that in 2014, 16 billion digital coupons were redeemed globally and this figure is projected to grow to 31 billion online coupons in 2019.

SoftwareVoucher.co.uk has positioned itself to take advantage of the growth in the software market and the demand for discount offers. “We have developed a proprietary platform that allows us to deliver a continuous daily flow of the top software voucher codes and deals from our software partners and provide these special discounts to our site visitors free of charge” said Michael Armstrong, SoftwareVoucher LLC CEO.

SoftwareVoucher.co.uk believes that the global software market is growing and there is a strong demand for software voucher codes by consumers. The company management has stated their long term goal of being the largest online source for software discounts and voucher codes as well as comprehensive software reviews.

About SoftwareVoucher LLC.-

SoftwareVoucher LLC ( http://SoftwareVoucher.co.uk ) is based in London and run by a small group of technology veterans with an extensive background in the software industry. The companies proprietary software voucher database is considered to the the largest collection of software specific vouchers and discount ever compiled.

SoftwareVoucher LLC.

1 Lyric Square

London, England W6 0NB

United Kingdom

info   at   softwarevoucher.co.uk