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Care4teen, the new parental control software, offers both safety and report options and unlike simple automatic web filters, it is highly customized to the user’s understanding of what level of protection is appropriate for his child. Software is available in two versions – Basic (free of charge) and PRO (basic + interactive summary).
Care4teen safety option is built on the brand new technology of Care Groups – protection communities of parents united by close moral values and lifestyles. Group members create safety filters by rating sites as appropriate and inappropriate in alliance with the clearly stated group principles. Group filter is then applied to the child’s devices (PC, Android or iPhone) blocking all the inappropriate content. The platform allows users to find and comment on all the recent group updates, as well as share his ideas about child’s protection. Each user can choose the group that best suits his family by searching the key words or with the help of group rating. Moreover, users can create his own care group and establish his own rules of protection if none of the existing groups matches his requirements. The main advantages of care groups are:
• strong personalized protection (user chooses what his child sees online)
• user-friendly interface
• opportunity to share experience with other parents
Care4teen report option gives user the full picture of his child’s online adventures, introduces him to his child’s interests and friends through several reports:
• Web-activity report
List of sites the child visited during the day with comments on whether any of those were banned by the user’s group filters and why
Tag cloud of queries made by the child
List of processes run on his device
• Social network report
List of social networks used by the child and the time he spent online within each of them
Graph of online friends of the child with the stated time spent in conversations with each of them and the tag cloud of discussed topics
• Video report
Short videos of the child’s screen filmed every 10 to 30 minutes (user chooses the frequency) and when the inappropriate content is detected
Online display of the child’s device
• Geo-location report
Map of child’s relocations
Care4teen also provides an interactive graphic summary with the analysis of all the information from the reports. It gives the user full understanding of the online activity of the child in an easy-to-get and involved way.

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