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Start from the Month of your Choice
Choosing the starting month of your calendar is in your hand. The software allows you to start the Calendar from any of the twelve months. So now you can make your personalized Calendar more personalized in just few clicks. Make the Calendar look smart and attractive with Calendar Xpress. Amazing!
Create Calendar in Your Language
Creating a Calendar in the Language of your choice is not an issue anymore. In fact it is one of the plus points in Calendar Xpress. Calendar Xpress provides you multiple languages to create your Calendar. Read special Days and Dates in your own language. Design Calendar quick and easy in your language and as per your comfort!
Have Variety in Calendar
Make Calendar your way! Calendar Xpress has inbuilt industry standard sizes for Table Top, Wall mount, Planner and Poster types of Calendar. We have simplified your task of choosing right type of Calendar and also saved time by providing you with the standard Calendar types. Sizes are ready made and available on single click. You can design Calendar such as Monthly, Monthly Plus, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly, which help you to get started easily.
Get future Dates with 99 Years preformatted Calendar
Want to check or create Calendar of some far future dates? No worries!! Get them right and accurate with Calendar Xpress. The software provides the facility of 99 Years preformatted Calendar. Easy viewing of all the days and dates for 99 more years makes Calendar Xpress most popular in the market. Plan or check any date easily with its precise data. Calendar for 100 Years is just a matter of some clicks!
Populate the Calendar with Events and Holidays
Remembering the important dates especially any events or birthdays could be little troublesome. Make your life easy with Calendar Xpress! It provides you the provision to add all the events date wise such as special days, festive days, national holidays, birthdays and many more. There are also few events already added in the software, you can add/edit the same or make any new entry in your personalized Calendar. Plan and manage your life well with Calendar Xpress! Customized Calendars make great gifts! Save money, plus show you care for loved ones by adding birthdays and holidays in Calendar!
Make the date blocks more interesting
Calendar can be made more fascinating by adding any photos, text or clipart in the date blocks. So if you forget to make any entry in event list, you can add them by selecting that particular date. It adds an extra touch to the Calendar and makes it more attractive and interesting!
Facebook Friend's Birthday Noted on your calendar
Get thousands of Facebook friends’ birthday added in your Calendar just by single click. Calendar Xpress has a feature of getting Facebook Friend's Birthday noted on your Calendar. Just log in to your Facebook account through Calendar Xpress and it will create birthday list of your Facebook friends. You can further edit it as per your requirement. The profile picture and birth date of your friend will get added automatically on the respective date block. Wow, now you can wish all of them without fail!
Fetch Photos from Facebook and Bluetooth
Calendar Xpress have a special feature of photo import. It has a Bluetooth option by which you can add photo in software if your systems have Bluetooth then. User can also login to their Facebook account and can download the photos to design Calendars.
Glorify your photos more by using different photo editing options
Make the photos look Rich and Lively by doing RGB Color Corrections. Brighter the photo more is its Clarity. Brighten it up with BCG corrections. Images need to be very effective because they are heard the way they look. Level and Curve Tool serves the purpose. Give an extra edge to your photos with the effects such as Blur, Colorize, Feather, Opacity, Crop, Rotate, Glow, Shadow and Outline. Smart Snip helps you to perfect your adjustments. Achieve it by using Crop Feature. Photo Editing becomes matter of few clicks. It’s indeed easy and fast!
Print or Share your creative skill
Let others also see how creative you are!! Get the output of project in JPEG and PDF and print it anywhere, you can also share the Calendar designed by you on Facebook with Facebook option without browser.
Multi Lingual
Available on Windows & Mac
Print Anywhere


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Calendar Xpress Voucher - Instant 15% Off

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