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Bulk Mailer Pro is a fast Bulk Mail Software developed to help send Bulk Email to large number of email IDs in a single operation. Purpose of this tool is to make Bulk emailing process fast and precise and it has been equipped with whole lot of advanced features to serve this purpose. Users can import email IDs from text or excel files to send bulk email. This feature speeds up Bulk emailing process manifolds. Most important feature of this software tool is personalized email option. Tool allows the user to send personalized emails with unique matter to large number of   recipients using data from excel sheet. Tool allows the user to attach different types of files to emails. It also provides a log file providing all information about sent and failed email. Tool is compatible with different versions of windows operating system and is very easy to download.Utility of Bulk Mailer Pros like this one is immense in present scenario. Today emails are central to all types of communication including business communication. Emails play important role in start, continuance or end of business communication. At times business communication process requires Group email sending. This tool can be used as a useful Group Email Sender tool to send emails to a particular group of people in one single operation. To send Group Emails, user needs to maintain a list of email IDs of all members of a group in a excel sheet from which IDs can be readily imported to send Group email. This tool can be particularly useful for companies relying on online marketing. Online marketing campaigns rely heavily on Bulk mails to maximize reach. Thus arises the need for an efficient Bulk Mailer Pro that can facilitate fast delivery of Bulk email to a large number of email IDs simultaneously. Bulk Mailer Pro is one such useful Bulk emailer.

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