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BitRope P2P is a powerful, far-reaching p2p (peer-to-peer) client, capable of downloading any movies, applications, games and its special `talent? ? individual songs, fast and safely.It connects you to a large number of sources to download from (peers) due to the highly capable Gnutella networks it uses. The application comes with full-blooded architecture and an elegant, intuitive interface: it shows two search bars and two sidebars each with its own role and function, flawlessly incorporated in a well organized design. Let?s start with the uppermost search bar ? that?s for the global search - it scans what p2p users are swapping using the Gnutella network. The second search bar, on the other hand, helps you to search within your own library. The sidebars are placed on the left with the external one presenting three options: the global P2P, your library, network, and your friends. BitRope`s Key Features: - Download from multiple hosts. - Includes Bittorrent Support. - Includes an option that allows sharing files with friends. - Uses Extended System Tray Notifications. - Much improved security features. - Much improved control over the shared files. -TLS (Transport Layer Security) Support (for a safer connection). - Includes Mojito DHT (Distributed Hash Table) Support. - UPnP & proxy support. - Allows Firewall to Firewall Transfers. - Offers improved network connections.

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