What are the Best Windows Registry Cleaners?

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Best Registry Cleaners
What are the Best Windows Registry Cleaners?

Why do I need a windows registry cleaner?


Your computer is getting a little old, has had a number of applications installed and removed, starting up is taking a long time, application launch is taking a long time, or you are getting errors while starting an application.  These are some of the symptoms of a bloated Windows registry and they’re a sign you need to use a registry cleaner.  Below are what we feel are the best windows registry cleaners.

Best Registry Cleaners

The Windows registry is a database of information about your computer needed by the operating system and applications to start and run properly.  Windows does not remove entries from the registry simply because they may be needed later. 

Uninstalling an application doesn’t remove, or may not even touch, items in the registry simply because they do not know if another application needs the information.

Cleaning your Windows Registry Helps Protect your Privacy

Hackers, family members, and employers can search through the Windows registry for your private information gathering information about what you have done on the PC.  If you are security minded or just don’t want to get caught or if you have a computer getting a little old that you use often you may need to use a registry cleaner to get your PC tuned, cleaned, and secured. 

In this review you will gain information about the best registry cleaners on the market.  Registry cleaners are consider Utility Software and there are quite a few registry cleaners on the market today.


Registry Cleaner Technology


How do the best registry cleaners find problems on your PC?

Registry cleaners go through every entry in the Windows registry looking for:

–  Removed Applications
–  Files, libraries (DLL’s), and device drivers that no longer exist
–  Information stored by applications about your usage and preferences
–  Information stored about files you have used
–  Information logged by the operating system

All of these types of entries can be removed from the Windows registry and some of them should be removed to speed up your PC.  The best registry cleaners will give you the option to back up the registry before performing any action, ask you if you want to remove items before removing them, and restore changes made to the registry if issues occur after cleaning.


What are the best registry cleaners on the market?


Winzip Registry OptimizerWinZip Registry Optimizer

WinZip gives you two tools to clean and organize your Windows registry, the registry cleaner, and the registry optimizer.  The registry cleaner allows you to make a backup of your registry before you scan and clean and it gives you the option to restore from a backup copy. 

Get a Free WinZip Registry Optimizer download here.


Winzip registry ooptimizer coupons


If you have ever performed a scandisk on one of your system hard drives you will recognize what the registry optimizer tool does for your windows registry.  When items are added and removed from the registry the database does not shrink, and the space used by removed items still exists. 

An optimizer will move items around in the registry to get them physically closer together which in turn speeds up the loading of applications or the operating system. 


Winzip Registry Optimizer


What do you get with WinZip Registry Optimizer?

  • A registry cleaner and a registry optimizer in one simple utility
  • Improvement in the system response time
  • System crash prevention
  • Overall performance improvement
  • Easy to use functionality and automated features


AceByte Registry CleanerAcebyte Registry Cleaner

The Acebype registry cleaner is designed to remove unused and old registry entries with only 2 clicks of the mouse.

It scans your Windows registry for obsolete and invalid information, fixes the invalid entries, and removes the unused entries making your computer run faster and more stable.


AceByte Registry Cleaner Coupons


Key Features of AceByte registry cleaner:

–  Safely scans the Windows registry for obsolete and invalid information
–  Safely repairs invalid entries
–  Removes useless system entries
–  Defrags to compact the registry and speed up the computer
–  Auto back up of the registry during registry cleanup
–  Restore the registry with one click
–  Keeps your computer safe from system crashes
–  Easy to use interface


Ashampoo Winoptimizer Coupon CodesAshampoo WinOptimizer

With the Ashampoo registry cleaner you get an application with a background utility that proactively tunes your PC as you use it, finds duplicate files, defrags your system storage, manages system restore points, and much more. 


Ashampoo Winoptimizer Coupons


The file tools that come with Ashampoo WinOptimizer helps you:

–  Render deleted file as unrecoverable
–  Removes invalid short cut files
–  Wipes and overwrites free disk space
–  Securely encrypts and decrypts files
–  Splits up large files
–  Recovers accidentally deleted files


Ashampoo Winoptimizer Coupon Codes


With the system analysis tool you can create a benchmark of your system to get an idea of just how much faster your system is running after using the registry cleaning tools.  You get detailed information about the system including hard disk issues and disk space usage.

As one of the best registry cleaners you also get a full registry cleaning tool that includes automatic back ups of the registry and a registry optimizer.  Any changes made to the registry can also be restored with the backup manager. 

As part of the Ashampoo registry cleaning tool you also get an application uninstall manager that will help remove any registry items added by the removed application.


Max Secure Registry CleanerMaxSecure Max Registry Cleaner

With the Max Registry Cleaner you get an optimizer that helps speed up your internet browsing by optimizing your system settings.  Just as with AntiVirus programs the Max Registry cleaner also has an internet update feature that updates the program giving you the latest features as they become available.  

When you use Max Registry Cleaner regularly to fix registry errors your system runs faster, is more stable, and becomes error free.


Max Secure Registry Cleaner Vouchers


Max Registry Cleaner Key Features:

–  Optimization and cleanup your PC’s Windows registry
–  Fix Windows Start-up application errors
–  Load the operating system faster and by reducing start-up time
–  Applications run smoother without crashing
–  Regain disk space with registry optimization
–  Fix certain application errors and increase the stability of the overall system
–  Automatic back ups of the Windows registry with easy restoration of the registry at to any  saved back up
–  Easy to use scheduler to set times to clean your registry on a regular basis
–  Select only the areas that you want to scan


Max Secure Registry Cleaner Voucher codes


Max Registry cleaner gives you a clear way to clean your system from system start-up to application crashes. This application is one of the best registry cleaners because not only does it clean your registry but has a built in update feature that gives you updates to the software keeping you updated when Microsoft updates change the way the registry works.


Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit VouchersUniblue RegistryCleanerKit

The Uniblue registry cleaner simply cleans and optimizes your registry to prevent system error messages and crashes by quickly identifying Windows registry issues. 

A partial registry backup is done before each time you clean the registry.  To restore  any changes made all you need to do is click on the Manage tab and select the “undo changes”.

You can get a Free Uniblue Scan right here.


Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit Voucher Discounts


If you know if registry items that you do not want the scanner to include in the cleanup process you can add them to the ignore list after a scan and before the cleanup. 

The Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit is one of the simplest of the best registry cleaners reviewed here today but that does not detract from the fact that it can and does clean your registry preventing your PC from application crashes and system errors.


RegClean Pro ReviewSystweak RegClean Pro

If you get a random blue screen of death (BSOD), it looks like your PC hangs while starting up, or your system performance is down right terrible, then the RegClean Pro may be the best registry cleaner for you. 

This Systweak product cleans your PC of obsolete and invalid Windows registry items and defrags the registry to increase your system performance.


RegClean Pro Vouchers


Key Features of RegClean Pro:

–  Performance Enhancing – Increase application response time by cleaning and fixing invalid entries
–  Smoother operation – Uncluttered registries enhance results in an overall smoother system performance.
–  System Stability – Fixing registry errors minimizes system crashes, BSODs, and runtime errors.
–  Less error messages – Prevent common Windows error messages by cleaning the registry on a regular basis.
–  Safe and reliable -RegClean Pro provides complete undo functionality. A full backup of the registry is taken before fixing registry errors so changes can be reversed, if required.


RegClean Pro Voucher Code


What are you Waiting for?   Its Easy to Clean your Windows Registry!


With older PCs you need the advantage of having an optimized system from defraging the system disk to optimizing the Windows registry. 

In order to run some of the newest games or applications available today you will need one of these best registry cleaners to make that old PC act like it did when it was brand new. 

Clean up your windows registry today.  Many of these registry cleaners have a free evaluation download that will scan and clean some of the most basic registry errors.

We have Voucher Codes for most of the registry cleaner products listed above.   Just use our search box to track them down and save on your purchase.




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