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Here is our Ristom Software Ltd, AyRecovery Professional Information

  • AyRecovery Professional is a professional all-in-one system restore and data recovering software with fast recovery speed. It takes 1-5 seconds to take a snapshot, 20 seconds to recovery system, up to 1000 snapshots selectable. AyRecovery Professional is powerful and flexible and almost every function of it can be configured to meet your personal or organization’s need.

  • AyRecovery Professional enables users keep away from a lot of problems, such as system crash, virus attack, failed software installation, user error and so on. It will give you a trouble-free operation experience

Create Snapshots of your entire system

1000 Snapshots Available

5 seconds to create a snapshot

20 seconds to recover

Restore Crashed System easily

Professional Protection against Computer Risks


Rich Additional Functions

AyRecovery Professional allows users to create snapshots of your entire computer system and datum. Then users can select a specific snapshot point from which the deleted or corrupted files can be recovered and the crashed system can be restored.

Based on the patent pending technology, AyRecovery Professional can create up to 1000 snapshots while takes up little hard disk space. You can lock the key snapshots and delete the unlock ones at your will.

AyRecovery Professional can restore your crashed system and corrupted files easily by several clicks. Restart your PC, then click Home button on the keyboard continuously till AyRecovery Professional interface appears, click rollback, choose a snapshots to restore your PC within 20 seconds.

AyRecovery Professional works at high speed. It solves all problems in seconds and provides you with unexpectedly free and comfortable troubleshooting experience. Moreover, you can check your protected drives in Snapshot Defragmenter of General Settings to be rest assured before any restoration.

AyRecovery Professional has a flexible schedule system with which you can schedule AyRecovery Professional to restore system and take snapshots automatically. And we have preset multiple choices in Scheduled Task to save your time.

AyRecovery Professional will provide PC users a professional protection against various computer risks. You can restore your PC to any snapshots to protect it from any virus and make your PC run fast always.

AyRecovery Professional is very easy-to-use. Just download, install and run it, click the snapshot you’d like your PC to restore and click Next and Restart button. Then your PC will be restored automatically in seconds.

AyRecovery Professional allows you to extract the file from another snapshot without the system being restored, thus greatly reducing the risk of data loss.

AyRecovery Professional is the best choice for you among system restore and data recovery software, lower price with more functions and greater performance, save your time and money.

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