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Any4u Mac Video Converter is a simple to use but practical format converting tool. We can find this tool is suit for a wide range of people from child to old people because the operation process of format converting is very easy to learn. At first, Any4u Mac Video Converter can convert formats between audio and video in a faster speed and preserve 100% of your original video/audio’s quality after conversion. Second, it is the only real batch converter, supports real multiple threads in processing tasks. With it, you can take higher performance with your core 2 CPU in converting and save much time. When we start our converting, we can directly drag or drop video and audio toward the converting window, or add the video and audio from “file”. Morever, Any4u Mac Video Converter has a stable and quality preview window at the right side of main interface. We can take a look on its format when we can’t find a player to view unknow formats. And in Any4u Mac Video Converter, there has an option to show its human side. If the user want to sleep or leave for a while when he converting a lage file, he/she can choose options of sleep or shut down the computer after all tasks finished by itself. So that the user doesn’t need seating beside the computer for waiting.
Key Features:
1.The input file formats can be more than 100 formats
Video formats such as avi, 3gp, asf, flv, m4v, mp4, mov, wmv and so on;
Audio formats include aac, aiff, mp3, mp2, m4a, ogg, wav, wma, etc.
2. The number of output file formats can satisy all popular devices needs
General audio formats can be converted into FLAC, MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, AIFF, WAV;
General video formats can be converted into WMV, SWF, AVI, FLV, MP4, ASF, 3GPP, DVD and MOV.

3. HD video converter: encode and decode HD video such as HD MPEG4 Video, HD WMV Video, HD Quick Time Video, HD H264 MPEG-4 AVC Video and HD ASF Video.

4. Video Converter for Multimedia Devices
Any4u Mac Video Converter can convert audio/video files and play them on devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, xbox, Zune, Mobile phones,and Archos AV.

5.Batch Process
Any4u Mac Video Converter can convert multiple video and audio files with batch process. Under the option of “Media”, the user can find “multiple tasks”, we can click it to select “max” when you want to convert all videos/audios into an unified format.

6. Function of trimming video/audio clips
This tool can help you trim video/audio to get video/audio clips and just convert certain part of the source file. It is very easy for you clicking button of trim in and trim out to change the certain segment you need. And the reset button can make all unsatisfied clips to start again until you feel ok.

7.Automatically send conversion result to iTunes
After the computer finished the converting process, the output multimedia files can be added to your iTunes library automatically. So you can export the result files to your device easily. Of course you can turn off the function if you don’t need it.

8. Final converted results
After the computer finished the converting process, we can find the audio and video files which have been converted in right place they belong after click “show file” button.fter click “show file” button.

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