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Anti-malware and anti-spy app. Is Anyone Spying on Your Phone ?
Nowadays, anyone who has access to your phone can easily install a spyware software and monitor your calls, SMS messages, and even your location... AntiSpy Mobile will solve your problems.
Anti Spy Mobile is an antispyware scanner that detects and removes spyware applications on your cell phone. Spy protector app is a must have for every device !

Are you in trouble of being monitored? Are your stalked by angry EX?

AntiSpy offers top-notch protection against spyware, trackingware, surveillanceware, virus, greyware, adware and more.
Antivirus solutions can hardly protect you from spyware. AntiSpy is specifically designed to fight against spyware and protect your privacy.
Spyware is everywhere, anyone can easily get a spyware and monitor others. Many Antivirus solutions treat spyware as virus. But it is totally wrong! Virus and spyware are completely different, in particular, virus is WRONGLY installed by YOURSELF, while spyware is INTENTIONALLY installed by OTHERS such as your angry EX, your suspicious spouse, your hard boss, or even your kindly parents. The spyware intruders usually know you very well. They take away your phone, installed the spyware, and give back the phone, pretending nothing happened. Remember that this is the most common scenario of spyware infection. Antivirus app can do nothing but popup a warning window to alert the intruders of the detection. Of course, the intruders will remove the warning or remove the antivirus app, and then swift to another spyware that can escape the detection.

The best for Antivirus+AntiSpy solution: COMPACT and ACCURATE.
To fight with spyware, Antivirus+AntiSpy is an effective solution. SeCore is the best choice for Antivirus+AntiSpy solution: specially designed to fight against spyware, the smallest storage, the highest detection rate, and save battery.

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