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What Could a Thief Do with Your Data? Don’t Find Out.

Absolute® Data Protect lets you remotely lock a missing or stolen device and delete the sensitive data on it. Preserve your privacy. Safeguard your identity.

Map Your Device Location

Is your device really stolen? Or did you leave it on a business trip? Locate your device on an online map to figure it out. Even when safe and sound, you can see that Absolute Data Protect is on the job.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

You may not have your device with you, but you can still feel safe from prying eyes. Block access to your device remotely and display a customized lock-out message onscreen. Deny potential identity thieves access to your device and the personal data on it.

Remotely Delete Personal Data

Your device is an extension of your life. If it goes missing, Absolute Data Protect frees you from worry about identity theft and breaches of personal privacy. Use Delete to remotely erase sensitive data, including files and applications, emails, personal photos, financial information, and stored passwords.

Protect your privacy and identity, even if your device is missing or stolen. Buy Absolute Data Protect today.

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