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A-Z Planner is low-cost tasks and time management software that enables you to manage your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and schedules, to-do-list, sticky notes, annual events reminder etc. Customizable daily, weekly, monthly planner with audible reminder and pop-up alerts for high priority tasks Schedules and tasks management tools with task-date-time graphical illustrations Notepad with reminder options to keep track of annual events, hobbies and/or other personal information Database backup option to guard against information loss and file corruption Database access security option to protect your data and privacy from intrusion Flexible report templates for exporting data to various formats: Word, Excel, Rich Text, CSV, HTML Ready-to-use solutions with detailed help documentation and examples Minimum configuration and system requirements Supported interface languages: english, french, german, russian, spanish Self-explanatory, user-friendly interface with customizable options for your individual preferences

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