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4Videosoft Registry Optimizer Vouchers

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4Videosoft Registry Optimizer is an advanced and the best System Cleaner. As an award winning windows utility, this registry defragment program helps maintain the integrity of your windows registry by scanning for and fixing invalid registry entries – scan your system, identify registry errors and select correction for the best results.

Meanwhile, you can use this privacy cleaner to search for history records thoroughly and get the complete information of them easily. What’s additional, this really all-in-one and free software has the functions of system optimizer, shortcut cleaner, startup manager and so on. It provides a simple and effective solution helping keep your PC running fast, clean, and error free and improve your PC performance!
Key Functions

1.Registry cleaner
4Videosoft Registry Optimizer helps you a lot on maintaining the integrity of your windows registry by scanning for and fixing invalid registry entries – scan your system, identify registry errors and select correction for the best results when you need.

2.As Privacy Protector and Shortcut Cleaner
When you use IE or other applications, records of history will be stored somewhere in your system and you can get all of these information records by using this software. Also you can free up disk space and remove annoying shortcuts.

3.System Optimizer
Want to adjust registry parameters? Use this system cleaner to optimize your windows and speed up your system by clicking “Optimize Now”. And click “Restore” to restore a backup.

4.Easy to navigate
When you install 4Videosoft Registry Optimizer, an intuitive interface pops up for you and you can select all the functions you need with the detailed explanation.

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