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4Videosoft iPad 2 Mate Vouchers

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4Videosoft iPad 2 Mate, a multifunctional iPad 2 software pack, combines with five wonderful converter tools – DVD to iPad 2 Converter, iPad 2 Video Converter, iPad 2 Manager, iPad 2 Manager for ePub and PDF to ePub Maker.

This discounted 4Videosoft iPad 2 Mate has the ability to rip DVD to iPad 2 supporting video/audio formats, convert all popular videos to iPad 2, transfer ePub files to iPad 2 directly. Furhtermore, this iPad 2 Mate can convert PDF file and finally output an eBook format, which is supported by many mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch 4, iPad, iPnone 4 and more.

Key Functions:

1.Convert DVD to iPad 2
With 4Videosoft iPad 2 Mate, iPad 2 users can conveniently convert most popular videos and DVD movies to iPad 2.

2.Convert video to iPad 2
4Videosoft iPad 2 Mate allows you to convert all popular videos to iPad 2 with high quality and fast speed.

3.Transfer files between iPad 2 and computer
Help you transfer videos, songs, photos from computer to iPad and from iPad to PC with this professional iPad 2 Mate.

4.Act as an ePub to iPad Transfer
4Videosoft iPad 2 Mate can easily transfer ePub to iPad 2.

5.Support to export ePub from iPad 2
4Videosoft iPad Mate can also export ePub files from iPad 2 to computer for backup.

6.Allow to adjusting video effect
4Videosoft iPad 2 Mate can assist you to adjust the video Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Volume, and Deinterlacing.

7.Video Cropper
Crop video and adjust the output aspect ratio to get the perfect playing effect.

8.Merge several video files into a large one
Merge several video files into a large one.

9.Do the preview and snapshot work specially
This iPad 2 Mate is available to preview the original video and output video effect simultaneously.

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