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4Videosoft iPad 2 Manager Vouchers

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4Videosoft iPad 2 Manager which acts as the best iPad 2 Transfer, supports to connect your PC to iPad 2 to backup iPad 2 files to computer directly, import computer file or folder to iPad 2 and transfer DVD/video to iPad 2 successfully.

With this versatile iPad 2 Manager, you can transfer videos, songs, photos from computer to iPad 2 and from iPad 2 to PC with fastest speed. More, this iPad 2 Manager also supports iPod, iPhone, and original version of iPad. Plus, it support latest iOS 4.3.

Key Functions:

1.Transfer Files Between iPad 2 and PC
4Videosoft iPad 2 Manager helps you transfer videos, audios and photos from your iPad 2 to computer for enjoy.
Transferring files from computer to your iPad 2 for convenient enjoyment is perfectly supported by this 4Videosoft iPad 2 Manager.

2.Convert DVD/Video to iPad 2
4Videosoft iPad 2 Manager upgrade the solution to convert DVDs, videos, audios to iPad 2, you also can create iPhone ringtone from videos, audios or concert recordings, MTV albums, and all popular DVDs.
It also provides you professional editing functions. With this software, you can crop video dimensions and adjust video dimensions by cutting out unwanted part.
This software allows users to add any text or image watermark and combine several videos into a single one.
Modify output video including brightness, saturation, etc.

3.More Professional Features
It will display all information about your iPad 2, including picture, type, capacity, version number, serial number and format, etc. on the main interface.
The "Search" function can help you to search your files in the categories of Genre, Artist, and Album.
iPhone ringtone maker can help you make a personalized ringtone. Plus, you can trim the length of the song, and add "Fade in" and "Fade out" effects will make sure the effect of your ringtone is more professional.

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